——Chasing the dream of building a major aerospace country

In the past few decades of development, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) has worked hard to catch up with the development  of major aerospace powers around the world, and in the future, it will strive to lead the development of space science and space technology. From catching up to leading, a change in the way of thinking is not the only prerequisite,  innovation in science and technology system is more important. In December 2011, CASC established an innovative“Special Zone”– Qian Xuesen Laboratory of Space Technology, which serves to reflect the vision and determination of CASC and China Academy of Space Technology (CAST). 

Qian Xuesen Laboratory under CAST has been committed to building an open platform, exploring new values and management mechanisms, attracting a group of young talents and academic masters who are pursuing their dreams, aiming at the future trend, and working extensively with both domestic and overseas research institutes to jointly create an aerospace innovation model, train a batch of science and technology masters, and build a world-class laboratory.

Freedom and equality are the core values of Qian Xuesen Laboratory. Freedom is the soul of innovation, and equality is the cornerstone of innovation. We believe that only when we have identified the research orientation and chosen the cooperation partners, can we go all out to persist in our joint efforts and assume the responsibility without regrets. CAST strives to create a free and equal cultural atmosphere and management mechanism for researchers, and bring together a group of researchers with common feelings, culture and mechanism to create a high-level team with common ideals and similar interests. The building of a first-class laboratory in terms of both culture and mechanism, will promote the development of talents and the cultivation of achievements.

Openness and cooperation are the foundation for the survival and development of Qian Xuesen Laboratory. Space exploration is a common challenge facing all mankind, and also an area where win-win cooperation between both domestic and foreign institutions and scholars is achieved. Adhering to the concept of openness, Qian Xuesen Laboratory is willing to become a partner of various scientific research institutions and scholars both at home and abroad, and serve as a link between academia and CASC. This is especially true in the joint mission definition, technological scheme formulation, and scientific application in terms of space science exploration and space exploration experiments. On behalf of Qian Xuesen Laboratory, I sincerely invite scholars from all walks of life to come to our lab for exchanges and visits, and deliver lectures in "Qian Xuesen Forum". I believe that in-depth exchanges will open up new windows of cooperation and create new development opportunities.

Time flies. Qian Xuesen Laboratory has been developing for several years since its establishment, and is forging ahead in undertaking the innovative mission towards its ideals and goals. Thanks to the laboratory colleagues, we have been working together to build an innovative platform featuring freedom, equality, openness and cooperation. I am also grateful to friends and partners who care  and support the development of Qian Xuesen Lab both at home and abroad. I hope that our cooperation will be long and in depth. The road ahead is arduous and long, but we have unprecedented confidence and expectation for the future. We will walk steadily in the journey of building a world-class laboratory.