Cooperation Initiative of Experiments for Space Exploration  


China Academy of Space Technology (CAST), established under the leadership of the world-renowned scientist Dr. Qian Xuesen in 1968, is the backbone of the space industry in China and has developed all kinds of spacecraft. Its sub-branch, Qian Xuesen Laboratory (Qian Lab), is authorized to launch a cooperation initiative of experiments for space exploration themed on “Enabling Space Exploration & Sustaining Human Progress”, aiming to the joint research and incubation of space experiment projects for research institutions and researchers at home and abroad. 

Space exploration is a common challenge to all the human. Under the auspices of the International Space Exploration Coordination Group (ISECG), including China National Space Administration (CNSA), jointly proposed The Global Exploration Roadmap (2018), hoping to achieve grand goals like expanding human presence into the solar system, landing on Mars, etc. 

Cooperation Initiative of Experiments for Space Exploration focuses on the global challenge --“space exploration”, facilitating the establishment of a series of cooperation projects led by top scientists and scientific research teams at home and abroad to continuously break through the basic problems, constantly create cutting-edge technology and equipment load. The results of these efforts will promote a sustaining expansion of human's presence in the universe, an effective unitization of space resources and improvements of human life on earth.