The 2nd Sino-German workshop on 3D printing in space was held in Berlin

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The second Sino-German workshop on 3D printing in space, organized by Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) of Germany and co-organized by Qian Xuesen Laboratory of Space Technology (Qian Lab) of China, was held in Berlin, Germany from October 28th to 29th. 

More than 30 experts and scholars from Germany, China and other countries attended the workshop.


Jens Günster, professor of BAM, and Wei-Hua Wang, a member of Academic Board of Qian Lab, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, served as the chairmen of the workshop.

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During this workshop, professor Matthias Sperl, professor Jens Güenster, professor Thorsten Pöschel, academician Jian Lu, professor Dongdong Gu, professor Gang Zhu, professor Xiaoyong Tian and other 14 experts in the field of 3D printing made wonderful academic reports. The reports covered several research frontiers including additive manufacturing of metals at μ-gravity, shaping and sintering of ceramics from Martian soil simulants, fibers from lunar rock, and 4D printing technology. Participants have a heated discussion on the relevant reports and made specific plans for future cooperation and development in the field of 3D printing in space.  

The 2nd Sino-German workshop on 3D printing in space was a continuation of the first workshop (Link for the first workshop) which was held in Beijing, China. The workshop held in Germany attracted more German experts and scholars in the field of 3D printing and also vigorously supported by the experts and scholars from China. It will further promote the cooperation and development of 3D printing in space of both Germany and China. 

Annex: Guest List and Program of 2nd Sino-German Workshop on 3D Printing in Space

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