Qian Lab and BAM reached a cooperation intention

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Recently, academician Wang Weihua, Yao Wei and other two researchers from Qian Xuesen laboratory (Qian Lab) participated in “the 2nd Sino-German workshop on 3D printing in space” held in Berlin, Germany. After the meeting, the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) showed their 3D printing lab for space, where the 3D printing equipment which has successfully printed metal wrenches during parabolic flight was displayed. Then, the representatives from Qian Xuesen Laboratory and BAM had a discussion on the details of cooperation in 3D printing in space.

In the discussion, BAM showed strong interest in metallic glass materials, and hoped to cooperate with Qian Lab in the research field of 3D printing of metallic glasses in space. Combing the depth understanding of metallic glasses of Qian Xuesen laboratory and the advanced 3D printing technology of BAM, the research of this field could be promoted rapidly. In addition, the two sides also discussed how to cooperate in the talent training, Seminar organization and project application. The related memorandum of understanding (MOU) was drafted during the discussion.

The achievement of this cooperation intention will promote the cooperation between Qian Lab and BAM, promote the development of 3D printing technology in space combining the advantages of both sides, enhance the international influence of cast in the field of 3D printing in space, and help reduce existing logistics requirements for future long-duration human space missions. 

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