Symposium on the surface characteristics of asteroids and main comets was held in Qian Lab

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On May 6th, a seminar on the surface soil characteristics of asteroids and comets in the main belt surface was held at Qian Lab. Experts come from the University of Central Florida, Zurich University of Technology, Paris Observatory, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), and the Satellite Application General Department of China Academy of Space Technology participated in the seminar.

Based on the results of the latest exploration of Bennu and Ryugu, this symposium focuses on the surface characteristics of asteroids and main comets, and explores the effects on possible landing, sampling and in-situ detection, which help guide the design of the mission and the future direction of the work.

Daniel Britt, professor of the University of Central Florida, gave special reports on the surface characteristics of asteroids and the simulation of comet surface matter, entitled "Asteroid Regoliths: What we have learned from Bennu and Ryugu" and "Cometary Simulants: Guessing the Mineralogy of the Primordial Solar System", respectively.  According to the latest detection results, some conjectures on the surface characteristics of asteroids sampled back to the target asteroid are proposed, and it is recommended to configure the corresponding load for detection. Based on the reports, the participating experts fully discussed the structure and surface thickness and particle size of the asteroid and its possible impact on the sampling return process, and further clarified the next steps.

After this seminar, Qian Lab will refine the results of the conference discussions and continue to carry out in-depth work on planetary surface science to contribute to the task of small celestial bodies of human beings.

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