An online academic workshop was held by Qian Xuesen Laboratory and City University of Hong Kong

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       An academic workshop on smart materials and in-space 3D printing was held online through Tencent video on August 13th. This workshop was co-organized by Qian Xuesen Laboratory (Qian Lab) and the group led by chair professor Lu Jian of City University of Hong Kong. The workshop was chaired by chair professor Lu Jian. More than 300 scholars from different colleges and research institutes including Tsinghua University, Chongqing University, Tongji University, National Innovation Institute of Additive Manufacturing and China Academy of Space Technology attended this workshop online.


       During the workshop, chair professor Lu Jian and postdoct Liu Guo from City University of Hong Kong present their works on 3D/4D printing. Professor Wang Pengfei, research scientist Zhao Shaofan and postdoc Liu Ming from Qian Lab gave speeches on smart materials and in-space manufacturing. Online attendees showed strong interest in the works by the speakers and made heated discussions on the existing problems and perspectives of the smart materials and in-space 3D printing with the speakers.

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