Relying on  platforms such as the innovative workstation and aerospace system development research center, we will extensively combine domestic and foreign advantageous innovation resources to explore the establishment of a new-type of shared innovation ecological chain with win-win property and in-depth extensive cooperation. 

Xidian University (XDU): Having established a joint training mechanism for talents, to jointly build the“Qian Xuesen Space Science Collaborative Innovation Center”, jointly carry out cutting-edge technology research, and explore new models for talent training. 

Dalian University of Technology: Exploring the crowdfunding innovation research model, jointly building a“collaborative innovation center for the construction and application of super-large-scale space system”, and carry out research on innovative technologies such as structure, material, dynamics and control, together with Northwestern Polytechnical University. 

502 Institute and Aerospace Dongfanghong Satellite Information Technology Co.: Mutual promotion and common development with engineering units; carrying out technological docking in femtosecond laser inter-satellite ranging, gravity measurement and water depth inversion; establishing the in-depth integration strategic relationship to exert their respective advantages in carrying out joint innovation for achieving mutual benefit and win-win situation. 

Exploring an international cooperation model: Having established an international cooperation innovation center with Shenzhen University to carry out international cooperation in the field of information technology; collaborating with the American Planetary Science Institute focusing on scientific exploration of the solar system, as well as  cooperating with DLR Institute of Materials Physics in Space concentrating on aerospace 3D printing.